Enhance your R995 website

add content, add a web store, or add an online ad campaign

Website Content from R995

Quality website content relevant to a subject builds your website's authority on that subject. The greater the quantity of quality content on a subject, the higher the likelihood of your website ranking or even topping the search results for search terms relating to that subject. Original content is preferred by search engines and websites with plagiarised content will very likely get penalised. VDA Marketing takes care of your content creation needs.

Content creation is the process of generating original copy (written content), images, and video, and processing and compiling it into useful formats suited to use in webpages, other web articles, social media, online ad campaigns, and the traditional press. VDA Marketing is synonomous with content marketing.

Pictures & video form a part of the primary content on your website, from illustrating products and services to brand communication. When all neccessary written content already exists VDA Marketing facilitates photo and video capture as a stand alone service.

If you have the time and skills required to create your own content and are only in need of a platform on which to express yourself, then a blog maybe the tool you need. A blog is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to self-publish your content to your website without the need for assistance from a web designer or web developer. VDA Marketing builds websites with blogs / CMS's. 


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Online Store from R3995 + R525pm

Get an online store like the example below and start selling your products and services online.

Online Ad Campaigns from R1995pm

The quickest way to be seen online is through what is known as pay per click advertising. Pay per click ads can be placed all over the web; VDA Marketing specialises in YouTube ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads include the video ads that auto play before a YouTube video and the ads that display in YouTube feeds.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads include the ads that display in Facebook feeds, status views and in Facebook's Messenger feature.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads include the ads that display in Instagram feeds and status views.