Redefine the status quo

Dear Diary,

I came across this excerpt earlier today. It got me thinking about how easy it is to give up in the face of adversity. A few months into your journey on making your dream come true, it certainly gets harder and harder to keep going, doesn’t it? We find we’re not as full of zeal as we once were, it’s trying just to put a foot out the bed and make it to the computer to do some work. The bills are piling up and we haven’t received the glitz and glory envisioned in our dream. Instead, we’re faced with the stark reality of “amounts due”, “payable immediately”, random theft of my car wipers (why). But take heart, we will face discomfort in our pursuit of happiness. This is a good thing because we learn to grow.

Signs you’re on the right track :

  • You’re often uncomfortable
  • A little stressed, but in a different way
  • Racing mind, overthinking
  • Easily irritated and fidgety
  • Frustrated at times
  • Becoming disillusioned, starting to see things how they are, reality
  • Trying endlessly to solve problems
  • Having to self motivate constantly
  • Referring to your plan regularly to maintain focus
  • Open-mindedness
  • Listening more
  • More creative
  • Energized by achieving your goals
  • Thinking about things critically
  • Open to seeking assistance
  • Seeking out like-minded people
  • A feeling of being free and happy regardless of current circumstances
  • More hopeful
  • Able to encourage others in difficulty
  • More altruistic
  • Taking criticism positively

I read a cool thing in Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Before you quit your job”, that as an entrepreneur one has to have the ability to ‘suspend disbelief’. In a sense, it speaks of making something out of nothing and to work wonders with what you have even if it’s not much. To keep on working, even if there is no promise of breakthrough just yet. To keep on believing that your present circumstances will work together for the greater good of your end goal, and to get others to believe this too.

How do we do this?

  • Stick to a routine, that schedule you’ve set for yourself daily
  • Go see you mentor, or friend who encourages you to keep pushing
  • Find ways of alternative sources of income without giving up on your dreams
  • Speak to your creditors and work out a payment plan that suits both of you. Communicate with them instead of avoiding them.
  • Face the issues you have to deal with and come up with viable solutions for them
  • Don’t give up!

Reading the fine print. Meaning don’t get unpleasantly surprised. We must be fully aware of all the details pertaining to making this work and we must be prepared to deal with the consequences of our decisions at every step of the process. Redefine the way things have always been done. Some processes should never be repeated again but happen over and over again because some people are ignorant of a better way to do something. Or just comfortably willingly ignorant. Don’t be that person. Seek to improve processes and if necessary change them or discard them altogether. Set new standards for an inclusive society of equal opportunity, challenge elitist separatist thinking. Be growth-oriented.

Did you know the brain actually creates new neural pathways when we challenge ourselves to do something new or in a different way than before. We are so reliant on existing patterns of thinking that when repeated become short cuts we rely on for quick-fire decision making, this forms part of a psychological study of Heuristic thinking. This is also what contributes to your world view, one that often becomes rigid over time. Setting in motion your status quo, the way you’ve always done things because of how you’ve experienced things and have known them to be. So if we choose differently and do differently and repeat these behaviours, we create new ways of registering information in our brain. This is growth on a neuropsychological level and scientific proof that we can change if we apply ourselves 😉 We have no excuse, we can train our brain toward change. We just have to stick to the process and not give up.

Excerpt from Very Well Mind:

(Link to resource below)

It will be easier to give up and regress into comfort but don’t. It’s a trap. Knuckle down and keep moving forward. You can do it. You are living your truth when you do. People around you might not understand what you are doing or why. But you do, you understand, you know why! End of story.

Until tomorrow, dear Diary.