Free business ideas!

“I just threw some stuff (he used another word:) against the wall until something stuck.”

Neil Phillips, The Rapid Entrepreneur

In the spirit of sharing and helping others, I have just listed some quick-fire business ideas. You can play with the concepts a bit more and see what you come up with. Throw it against the wall to see if it sticks! Hope it will be helpful.


Giving. Sharing your excess with others. A good cause to support is Ladles of Love.


  • Nutritional products. Join our team and sell high-quality nutritional products and earth friendly home care products. Earn extra money and become healthier. Follow the link to join my team. I provide full sales support:Hi Social sells Neolife
  • Delivery business. More ways to get food and other essential products to people. Larger food retailers are overwhelmed with online orders. There’s scope for independents to gather teams and service restaurants, farmers, pharmaceutical companies etc.
  • Food and essential products distribution. Turn a redundant space into a depot or holding facility for farmers and other food producers. And establish small scale channels for trade.
  • Turn your Food Truck into a mobile tuck shop/spaza
  • Turn restaurant into depot for food distribution.
  • Set up logistics supply chain for above
  • Subsistence farming. Teach people how to grow and take care of their own food. Small scale household farms in whatever form.
  • Create wormeries to help with above
  • Create content: Sell graphic design services or web design or writing skills. Create websites.
  • Monetize your skills. Make videos tutorials and sell them online. Create fun up-skill ‘courses’ people can buy.
  • E-learning: Help create content for teachers, do voice-overs or arts and crafts videos.
  • Recruitment: Entrepreneurs for hire? There is a lot of skilled out of work labour, collaborate and come up with solutions for businesses.
  • Manufacture: Produce masks in high fashion fabrics or recycled, repurposed materials that are safe to use as a mask. Or from donated clothing etc. Help make sanitation easier by coming up with innovative ideas. What about mini snood masks?
  • Make checking temperature easier. Offer services to organizations. Temp teams, so they can focus on their business needs.
  • Create virtual malls, perhaps with videos? For the tech-savvy! Group businesses together on an online platform and allow customers to shop at various stores and pay once. Go figure!
  • Assist with recycling pickups from homes. To reduce waste. Recycling consultants.
  • Online Sales representative: Work as an independent salesperson for businesses wanting to sell products or services online. Make sales call using Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and other Online marketing tools.
  • Bookkeeping agency: People will always need this service.
  • Inventory trackers: Help people update or digitise their systems.
  • Small Scale Cold storage: consult and partner with restaurants to help rent out their storage facilities for small scale farmers or food producers to use closer to delivery point areas.
  • Start-up consultant: Help people set up their businesses.
  • Crowdfunding consultant. Help people raise capital for businesses and causes.

These are just some of the ideas I thought of. Perhaps add to this list and see what you can come up with.

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