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The more we become attuned to AI the more we lose the essence of who we are. Connectedness, proximity, touch, looking into someone’s eyes, fellowship.

Dear Diary,

I have officially had my time to freak out about this. Still, I cannot even type out the name of this thing that has befallen me. Because doing so, revives it in my mind, replaying its devastation again and again. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by an enemy I have no knowledge of. It knows my weaknesses and plots to overwhelm me. What do I do?

Mind my mind

My thinking has gone through many stages within a second in time. Fast-paced changes. Things being decided for me and my future leaves me both grateful and angry. I stay indoors because it’s for my own safety, but I’m cut off from the fellowship and touch of other people in whom I found refuge and comfort. Scrambled brains served up for breakfast, lunch and supper I sit with my own thoughts trying to process this. What now?

Mind fog

I take a step back to see what unfolds online and to try to find a gap in which to insert myself. To regain any semblance of control from a system now out of control. I too find myself, scrolling at lightning speed through posts, stopping for a second or two at familiar faces and likened interests. I’m slowly slipping into a mental fog a filter my brain puts on to protect itself from collapse. I enter a state of “too much information”. I then choose to take a break from social media to recoup. How will business take place?

Social media now where everyone is speaking at the same time. Others shout, some watching staying silent. Voices chattering at low volume, incoherent, I try to make sense of it but I can’t. Faces looking at me as I continue to scroll, pleading smilingly for attention. I carry on scrolling, I reach yesterday’s news and log off.


To keep from sliding down into a mental malaise, I keep active. I force my way into a fruitful life again. I don’t own a TV, this is still not a problem for me. Computers have always provided entertainment. Now they seem to provide necessary life support too. Will AI be my life support during this time? Will I depend on computers for my business salvation since I’m cut off from support giving humans.

There’s a drive for us to be more dependent on AI rather than each other. Our advice comes from Google search, our marketing and advertising go on social media platforms, our professional profiles can be viewed with ease online, even our hope for a companion can be chosen with the swipe of a finger. This all sounds so future-forward and necessary for now, but what kind of people does this produce?

Google search: humanity

The more we become attuned to AI the more we lose the essence of who we are. Connectedness, proximity, touch, looking into someone’s eyes, fellowship. Yes, life goes on online, we can have conference calls and meetings we can Skype and close deals etc. But my business becomes an android. I’m reduced to plugging into a system that ‘helps’ me to speak through a screen and ‘speak’ through the keyboard.

What will happen to speaking for reals face to face, shaking someone’s hand in agreement to a deal? I’m reminiscing of course. I’m not foolish about how things have changed and how reliant we’ve become on software and computers. It’s a necessity for a business to function today, so we can provide for our families and for our future. In fact in seeing the move towards a more prominent online presence I’ve started this business.

A moral issue

So how do we go about our business? I feel guilty that I’m punting my wares online amidst the bad news of this virus going around, in between people losing their lives and family members, others losing their jobs having to close their businesses and stressing about their next income because if you’re a mechanic you can’t exactly fix cars online!? Why should I succeed alone, I don’t want to. Not off the backs of a struggling market, thinking of getting enough food for their family, dipping into retirement savings to pay for essentials (if you’ve even got savings).

Most people are so over-indebted, now that they’re not working who will service this debt? So trying to cabaret for business to someone who is in this position is a bit difficult. So let’s say they buy into my song and dance and acquire my services, online obviously. Then I fulfil the agreement and deliver the goods and get paid. So my family gets an income and I’m better off right, great for me! I guess I’m using my noodles.

Question is what about the other family that can’t get an income? The baker, the mechanic, the waitress, the restauranteur, the factory workers etc whose work can’t be done online. This makes me ill to think of how my business can thrive in a world that has other people suffering alongside me. Then I’d rather close my business!

A new perspective

Be in business to build up the community. This is my new philosophy. This virus has exposed some things in business too, those who care about their fellow man and those who don’t. What can we do to build up our community, to share business? To take care of each other better. I don’t want to do business unless it helps someone else’s family and business.

I choose to be more giving, whether it be in free marketing consulting online or a promo that’s discounted. I think if you’re skilled in a certain area of trade or business share knowledge online, now is the time. Train others, teach others. We can still be creative and think of ways around this, even though the future seems uncertain there is still hope. What can we do to help each other’s businesses at this time? What would help you? And how can you help others?

What we do:

We do websites for startups and existing businesses, we also help navigate online marketing for better exposure. Our new service is to provide content for your website to make it pop online! So our core business is using the internet and its tools to get you more business. Yes, there are apps that can help you but we can help for a fraction of the price and efforts you’d have to outlay.

A more powerful algorithm

The human spirit. Our entrepreneurial spirit!

Until tomorrow, dear Diary

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